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SE-1555A Schumacher 2/20/55/150 Amp 12 Volt Automatic Elite Automotive Battery Charger Booster Tester Maintainer

SE-1555A Schumacher 2/20/55/150 Amp 12 Volt Automatic Elite Automotive Battery Charger Booster Tester Maintainer
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Product Code: SHUSE-1555A

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The SE-1555A advanced technology automotive battery charger utilizes a microprocessor to control both the voltage and current going to the battery to provide maximum power and the precise control needed to charge the various types of batteries on the market today; including AGM, GEL, Sealed Lead Acid, Deep Cycle, Spiral-Cell and Standard Automotive batteries. Enclosed in a tough all steel case, coated with a baked enamel finish, and the deeply-louvered vents provide for high performance and long life.

When first turned on, the unit operates only as a tester, not as a charger. Selecting a time or pressing the AUTO START button activates the battery charger and deactivates the tester.

Automatic Charging Mode
When an Automatic Charge is performed, the charger switches to the Maintain Mode (see Maintain Mode below) automatically after the battery is charged. For a battery with a starting voltage under 1 volt, use the Manual Mode first to pre-charge the battery for five minutes to get additional voltage into the battery for the charger to analyze.

Manual Charging Mode
You can set the SE-1555A to manual mode when needed by using the built-in timer. If the time is placed to "HOLD" the charger will continue to charge and will not shut off - you must keep a visual check to determine when the battery is charged. This mode is used to restore batteries that have been deep-drained. Be sure to monitor the charging process and stop it when the battery is charged.

Maintaining a Battery (2 Amp Charge Rate)
The SE-1555A is a battery charger with a maintenance setting that maintains 12 volt batteries, keeping them at full charge. On this setting it can charge small batteries and maintain both small and large batteries. If you are maintaining a fully charged large battery, you will be properly utilizing the maintenance setting. However, if you were to use the maintenance setting to charge a large battery, such as a marine deep cycle battery, that was not fully charged, you may lose some of the battery’s capacity. This would cause the large battery to be unable to hold a charge and become useless. Therefore, we do not recommend charging a large battery on the maintenance setting.

Jump Start feature
The SE-1555A battery charger can be used to jump start your car if the battery is low. During the jump start sequence the charger is set to one of three states:
Wait for cranking – The charger waits until the engine is actually being cranked before delivering the 150 amps for engine start. The charger delivers charge at a rate of up to 10 amps while waiting and will reset if the engine is not cranked within 15 minutes. (If the charger resets, it sets itself to the default start up settings).
Cranking – When cranking is detected, the charger will automatically deliver up to its maximum output as required by the starting system for up to 3 seconds or until the engine cranking stops. The digital display shows a countdown of the remaining crank time. It starts at 10 and counts down to 0.
Cool Down – After cranking, the charger enters a mandatory 4 minute (240 second) cool down state. During this period, no settings can be changed. The buttons are ignored. The digital display indicates the remaining cool down time in seconds. It starts at 240 and counts down to 0.
Product Features
  • 150 Amp Engine Start – for quick starting.
  • 55 Amp Rapid Charge – for larger batteries.
  • 20 Amp Fast Charge – for regular charging needs.
  • 2 Amp Trickle Charge – for charging small batteries and warming large ones.
  • Float-Mode Monitoring – keeps battery at optimum charge level by providing just enough power to keep the battery maintained at the proper voltage. Starts automatically after charging in all charge rates.
  • Battery and Alternator Tester – helps diagnose electrical system problems and battery state.
  • Reverse Hook-Up Protection – charger will not operate if clamps are reversed on battery terminals.
  • LED lights – indicate when the battery is fully charged and monitors the reverse hook-up protection.
  • 3 year manufacture's warranty.
  • Charger Type - Fully Automatic/Manual
  • Input Voltage 120 volts AC
  • Output Voltage 12 volts DC
  • Rating Agency - UL

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