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Canadian Tire Battery Charger Listing By Model Cross Reference #
11-1549-4 Canadian Tire 6 amp (12 v.) 141-191-901
11-1552-4 Canadian Tire 1 amp w/harness 141-196-903
11-1556-6 Canadian Tire 15/2/100 amp 141-243
11-1557-4 Canadian Tire 40/2/200 amp 141-225
11-1560 Canadian Tire 10/2 amp 141-167
11-1561 Canadian Tire 10/2 amp fully automatic 141-262 or 141-270-901
11-1562 Canadian Tire 141-164-901
11-1562-0 Canadian Tire 10/2/60 Fully Auto w/Deep Service 141-256 or 141-264-901
11-1563-8 Canadian Tire 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-220-902
11-1566 Canadian Tire 12/2/75 amp automatic 141-274-901
11-1566-2 Canadian Tire 12/2/75 amp fully automatic plastic 141-274
11-1567-0 Canadian Tire 10/2 amp automatic 141-291-903
11-1567-0 Canadian Tire 10 amp automatic 141-291-903
11-1568-8 Canadian Tire 10/2/55 amp manual 141-292-901
11-1568-8 Canadian Tire 12/2/70 amp manual 141-292-901
11-1569-6 Canadian Tire 10/2/55 amp automatic 141-292-902
11-1569-8 Canadian Tire 12/2/70 amp automatic 141-292-902
11-1570-0 Canadian Tire 12/2/70 amp auto touch pad 141-293-901
11-1570-0 Canadian Tire 15/2/70 amp 141-293-901
11-9996 Canadian Tire 50/30/2/225 amp 141-271-904
11-9996-0 Canadian Tire 50/30/2/225 amp 141-271-901
11-9997-8 Canadian Tire 10/2/55 amp 141-248-903
11-9998-6 Canadian Tire 40/2/200 amp (12 v.) 141-260-903