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6042 Associated Battery Electrical System Tester 12/24V 500A Digital

6042 Associated Battery/Electrical System Tester 12/24v 500a Digital
Price $1,849.90

Product Code: ASO6042

Description Prop65
Designed with highest quality and versatility in mind. Interprets data from the charging/starting system on easy-to-read LED display voltmeter and ammeter. Also shows +/- amps for easy diagnosis of current leakage problems. The 500 amp, carbon pile variable load capability, provides accurate load testing for up to 1,000 CCA batteries. A great time-saver for testing electrical systems on 12, 12/24 and 24 volt vehicles. Features include Large, easy to read, LED digital AMPS and VOLTS meters. The Volt meter displays voltages to ±99.9 volts DC on the EXT position and up to 35.0 volts DC on the INT position. The AMP meter displays DC currents up to 999 amps and reads both + and - amps for easy diagnosis of leakage current problems. The input impedance of the meters is 10 Meg ohms for accurate testing of solid state circuits. The carbon pile is rated 500 amps on 12 volt batteries for load testing batteries up to 1000 CCA capacity. Curved carbon discs allow better low end resolution of current and longer life. Amps Zero Adjust allows for maximum accuracy in AMPS reading. "Load On" light indicates the carbon pile is actuated and serves as a reminder to turn the load off. Defective Diode indicator light lets you know when alternator output diodes or GM diode trios have failed. The electronic circuits are protected by a fuse against excessive voltage inputs and reverse voltages caused by connecting leads incorrectly that may damage the unit. The electronic circuit board has a protective coating to prevent damage and meter inaccuracy due to moisture and dirt. 6038C Two Wheeled Cart &  6043 AC/DC Current Sensing Inductive pickup are included with the 6042
Product Features
  • Test batteries up to 1000 CCA
  • Interprets data from the charging/starting system on easy-to-read LCD displays
  • Shows positive and negative amps for easy diagnosis of current leakage problems
  • 0-500 Amp variable carbon pile load tester
  • 500 Amp safety clamps with “Flexi-Spring”
  • Patented side terminal adapters plus separate light gauge test leads for tighter spots
  • 10-meg ohm input impedance for today’s high tech systems
  • Unique curved carbon discs ensure maximum contact, fewer hot spots, smoother operation and longer life
  • Heavy-duty single extruded leads for testing up to 15 feet apart
  • Test electrical systems on 12/24 Volt systems
  • Test all battery types
  • Ideal for testing remotely mounted batteries accurately
  • Convenient heavy-duty tilt back cart with 8 inch wheels and 2 trays
  • Made in USA of US and Global Components
INCLUDES: Model 6043 1000 Amp AC/DC Inductive Amp Clamp for checking starter draw or parasitic drain test, also can be used with conventional multi-meters; heavy duty, two wheel tilt-back cart with 8” wheels and 2 trays.

500 amp
Ammeter: Digital LCD 0-999 amps
Voltmeter: Digital LCD 0-32.0 volts DC
Leads: 8ft 4 AWG
Clamp rating: 500 amp
Limited Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping dimensions: (HxLxW) 8"x36"x19"
Weight: 67 lbs.

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