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Montgomery Ward Battery Chargers Parts

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If the name sounds familiar, it should! For over 128 years, Montgomery Ward was a well-known and trusted catalog retailer based in Chicago, Illinois. In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward established the first mail-order business with an innovative single-sheet catalog offering 163 items. He was the first retailer in the United States to guarantee satisfaction to his customers. This superior service and an impressive assortment of quality goods at affordable prices led to rapid growth.

Montgomery Ward Cross Ref#
81021 Montgomery Ward 10/2 amp 3-in-1 charger 141-179
81029 Montgomery Ward 1 amp 141-090
81030 Montgomery Ward 6/2 amp 141-103 141-193
81031 Montgomery Ward 8/2 amp 141-104
81032 Montgomery Ward 10/2 amp 141-105 141-167
81033 Montgomery Ward 10/2 amp automatic 141-106 141-168
81034 Montgomery Ward 10/2 amp deep cycle 141-107 141-169
81035 Montgomery Ward 10/2 amp 4-in-1 charger 141-110 141-174
81036 Montgomery Ward 15/100 amp 141-108
81038 Montgomery Ward 40/225 amp 141-095
81040 Montgomery Ward 6 amp 141-149
81041 Montgomery Ward 40/225 amp 141-133 141-148
81042 Montgomery Ward 40/2/200 amp


(Variations Of Models Due To Production Changes And Parts Avaialability)
(If your unit is not listed on the following page it is no longer supported due to the lack of parts)