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Matco Tools Battery Chargers Parts

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Matco Tools Customer Support
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*Variations of models due to production changes are not our responsibility
*Please check your model numbers and vintage carefully
*No refunds on electrical components
*Service should be performed only by a qualified technician
*If you ever have any doubts or concerns ALWAYS call the manufacturer of you equipment
Matco Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of quality professional automotive equipment, tools and toolboxes. Our product line now numbers more than 19,000 items. We also guarantee and service the equipment we sell.

Matco Tools is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and key player in several industries, including tools, environmental and industrial process and control markets.

Matco Tools Cross Reference #
BC38 Matco 30/2/150 amp 141-036
BC40 Matco 40/15/2/200 amp 141-134
BC42 Matco 40/120 amp 141-185
BC60 Matco 60/40/30/225 amp fleet 141-060
BC80WT Matco 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-066
BC90WT Matco 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-144
BC92WT Matco 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-189
BC95 Matco 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-205, 141-229
BC102 Matco 10/2 amp automatic 141-171
BC1045 Matco 10 amp automatic 141-065
BC1055 Matco 10/2/55 amp automatic 141-291
BC1061 Matco 1 amp 141-061
BC1065 Matco 10/2 amp automatic

MC600 Matco Battery Charger S/N 000100-000580

MC600 Matco Battery Charger S/N 000581 & HIGHER

(Variations Of Models Due To Production Changes And Parts Availability)
(If your unit is not listed on the following page it is no longer supported due to the lack of parts)