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GR8-1200 AMP Midtronics Diagnostic Conductance Charger (12 Volt) With MOSFET Circuitry Amp Clamp

GR8-1200 AMP Midtronics Diagnostic Conductance Charger (12 Volt) With MOSFET Circuitry Amp Clamp
These units will not provide OEM warranty codes, see your Essential tool list for OEM Versions
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Price $4,250.82

Product Code: MDTGR8-1200-AMP

Description Technical Specs Prop65
The GR8-1200 Multi-tasking Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station combines the diagnostic charging expertise of the GR8 with EXP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostics to create a complete, flexible and expandable diagnostic station. The GR8-1200 features the new Multi-tasking Bridge, which allows the user to perform battery and electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charger is in use. That means you can now more effectively multi-task in the garage and get more value out of one complete diagnostic station. Simply connect the test clamps to perform a full battery and electrical system analysis. If the battery needs charging, connect the charger clamps and the GR8 takes over.
(These units will not provide OEM level codes for warranty work)

Wireless Multi-Tasking
Multi-tasking means having full electrical diagnostics available for other vehicles while another diagnostic charger function is in process. When a battery is discovered that needs charging, simply connect the charger clamps and the diagnostic charge engine will complete the job. Remove the controller to perform electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charging/ power supply functions are already in use. When the charging session is done, you can upload the session results wirelessly from the diagnostic charge engine to the controller for review or printing.

Maximum Service Flexibility
Combines full EXP and GR8 functions with wireless multi-tasking to provide the maximum flexibility and efficiency. Allows the user to quickly and easily perform all battery and electrical diagnostics.

EXP Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Capability

Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology
  • Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve diagnostics
Advanced Vehicle Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open-phase conditions
DMM Functionality for Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics
  • AC/DC Volts, Volts/Amps mode, Temperature, Ohm meter, AC/DC Amps, Scope mode, Diode test
Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test
  • Interactive test routine using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop across ground circuit, starter system and alternator system, or more generic system testing
Product Features
GR8-1200 Provides:
  • Wireless Multi-tasking
  • EXP Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Capability
  • GR8 Diagnostic Charging Functionality
GR8 Diagnostic Charging Functionality

Diagnostic Charging Mode
  • Quickly assesses deeply discharged batteries and recharges only the good ones
  • Combines Dynamic Conductance Technology with advanced charge control to provide fast and accurate results
  • MOSFET Soft Switch Charging Technology
  • Integrated temperature sensor improves safety and diagnostic charging capabilities
  • Isolated load test capabilities allow testing and charging of small and large batteries
  • Recovery charge mode helps recover hard-to-charge batteries
  • Top-off charging lets you trickle charge batteries when desired
  • Multiple diagnostic/charging algorithms including AGM/spiral batteries

ECM - Power Supply Model
  • Tests and maintains battery voltage at 13.5 volts for reliable ECM reprogramming and to maintain the battery during complex diagnostics
Jump-start Mode
  • Provides boost charge and 245 amp automated Jump-start routine
Manual Mode
  • User-defined charging parameters
Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce and eliminate no-start situations by making sure the battery and electrical system are in working order during preventative maintenance work
  • Quickly fix battery problems in one visit ... every time
Improve Bottom Line
  • Eliminate costly replacement of good batteries
  • Free technicians for more profitable tasks
  • Get the most from your diagnostic investment by multi-tasking
  • Recover batteries quickly & eliminate wasted time trying to charge bad batteries
  • Combined capabilities: quickly resolve and service any electrical problem
Flexible Design for Maximum Service Garage Utility
  • Integrated, roll-around cart design puts the controls at the user’s level
  • Removable controller design provides flexibility and isolates key electronics away from the heat associated with battery charging
  • Provides service and repair flexibility
  • Quick connect removable test cables and charging cables for maximum service flexibility
Advanced Communications
  • Large back-lit graphical screen
  • Full alphanumeric keypad including hot keys
  • USB port
  • Data card reader/writer for simple in-field upgrades and data storage
  • Optional integrated printer

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