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Atlas Battery Chargers Parts

*Variations of models due to production changes are not our responsibility
*Please check your model numbers and vintage carefully
*No refunds on electrical components
*Service should be performed only by a qualified technician
*If you ever have any doubts or concerns ALWAYS call the manufacturer of you equipment

Atlas Battery Charger Listing By Model
Cross Reference #
MC-13 Atlas 100 amp 141-050
PC-8 Atlas 60/40/2/250 amp portable 141-055
MC-16 Atlas 60/40/2/250 amp 141-056
FC-1 Atlas Fleet charger (6/12/18/24 v.) 141-060
MC-17 Atlas 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-066
MC-18 Atlas 60/40/2/250 amp w/voltmeter 141-205 or 141-229