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BUSPRO-600S Auto Meter 115 Volt 5 Amp 6 Station 12 Volt Automotive Battery Charger

BUSPRO-600S Auto Meter 115 Volt 5 Amp 6 Station 12 Volt Automotive Battery Charger
Price $916.53

Product Code: AUTBUSPRO-600S

Description Prop65
BUSPRO-600S Auto Meter 115 Volt 5 Amp 6 Station 12 Volt Automotive Battery Charger - BusPro Series chargers utilize individual transformers and microprocessors for both low and high volume battery charging applications. This allows each channel to work independently and charge the battery correctly and in a timely manner. The BusPro-600 has a 5 amp per channel maximum with a 115 volt AC input. This unit has two LED light per channel to visibly indicate whether the unit is connected, charging, topping off, completed charging, or a bad or reverse connection. The BusPro-600s prevents overcharging and removes sulfation by means of a micro-controlled pulse current.

The BUSPRO-600S Professional Charger is equipped with sophisticated circuitry that performs the following:
  • Check Each Battery’s Condition The charger will indicate bad batteries that are sulfated or have bad cells. This allows the battery to be replaced without unnecessary charging.
  • Every Station Can Fully Charge One 12 volt Batteries (5 Amps. each). With the optional Jumper Lead Kit the BusPro 600 can charge up to twelve batteries at 2.5 Amps each and the BusPro 300 can charge up to six.
  • Maintain Each Battery The charger provides a separate charging station for each battery.
  • Provide Worry Free Attention The charger has safe circuitry that automatically adjusts the volt/current relationship in order to maintain the battery at full charge. If the voltage drops below 12.5 volts, the charger will automatically charge the battery with up to 5 Amps. When the battery reaches the threshold again the unit goes into maintenance mode.
  • Maximize Battery Life The charger is designed to maximize the life of a serviceable lead acid battery. A serviceable battery is a battery that is not defective or damaged. The charger is fully compatible with gelled electrolyte (gel-cell) batteries (sometimes used in place of liquid electrolyte batteries in many heavy duty applications). DO NOT USE WITH DRY CELL, NICKEL CADMIUM, and NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE OR SIMILAR BATTERIES.
  • Increase Multiple Battery Charging Capability The charger provides the opportunity to charge more batteries with less time spent charging defective batteries that need to be replaced.
  • Provide Valuable Protection The charger maintains batteries while they are un-installed. Maintaining a battery increases its life and protects its capacity.
  • Maintain Batteries Not In Use. Some examples are automobiles under long term repair, farm machinery and fleet vehicles in repair or storage. The charger is ideal for rental equipment not in use or for charging and maintaining batteries for replacement. The charger can be used to recharge, check and maintain all starting and deep cycle batteries.
Product Features
  • 5 amp per channel maximum with a 120 volt AC input.
  • Utilizes two LED lights per channel to visibly indicate: 1) Battery is connected, charging, and is less than 70% charged. 2) Battery is connected, charging, and is at least 70% charged. 3) Battery is fully charged and being maintained at that level. 4) Ba
  • Features 6 charging stations which are ideal for commercial businesses needing to charge multiple batteries at once
  • Capable of being mounted on a shop wall to help reduce clutter and free up vital floor space. Heavy duty wall mounting brackets and 6' leads per channel come standard.
  • Will not overcharge/overstress battery
  • Up to three BusPro units can be daisy chained to one another via integrated 3 prong power outlet on unit, utilizing only one wall outlet.
  • Completely automatic "smart" charging with advanced circuitry enables station independent, safe charging that automatically adjusts the voltage/current relationship in order to maintain the battery at full charge.

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